When the world's greatest swimmers and divers gathered in Atlanta to compete in the 1996 Summer Games, the pool they used was at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Wanting to get incredibly clear, sparkling water and other benefits, the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center entrusted its water to Vantage. The Vantage Water Care Program is designed to give commercial pools the highest quality water with the most efficient, safest and cost-effective method.

According to Debbie Dorsey, Aquatics Director at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center, Vantage has been proven to work under the most demanding conditions.

"Ever since Vantage was installed in July of '95, our water has been incredible," says Dorsey. "The clarity was great during the Olympics - really the ultimate test of the system's performance - and it's still that way."

"One of the best things about Vantage is the support we get," Dorsey continues. "The representatives have been so responsive. They answer all our questions and do whatever it takes to make our jobs easier. Even though we haven't had to call on them very much, it's good to know they are there."

The crystal-clear water produced by Vantage also solves some safety issues. Dorsey explains, "Clarity is important to our lifeguards and swimmers from a safety standpoint. The absence of a chlorine odor makes a big difference, too, especially in the warm-up pool when the bubble enclosure is on.

Aquatics Director Dorsey appreciates that aspect of Vantage. "Using a compatible program like Vantage is great for Georgia Tech because it's gentler on our pump system," she says. "That also means less maintenance - and that's a definite plus."