The Vantage Water Care Program is a comprehensive water maintenance plan designed for commercial pool operators, utilizing chlorination or bromination as the primary sanitation method.

The Program combines the effective and reliable sanitation properties of chlorine or bromine sanitizers with the remarkable clarification properties of a new compound called Poly- A Tablets. These components are added to an overall water management framework that encourages sparkling clear water.

The Vantage Water Care Program gives your commercial pool the highest quality water in the most efficient, operator-friendly and cost-effective program available. The Vantage Water Care Program is a straightforward operation consisting of a number of components. The size and installation of these components are carefully determined according to your pool's specific needs and demands.

The components of a typical Vantage system may include a Vantage ACF-60 Calcium Hypochlorite Tablet Feeder, Vantage Poly-A Feeder, and Chemical Controller. The complete Vantage Water Care Program includes recommendations for water balance, sanitizer residuals, shocking, and other routine maintenance tasks important to maintaining sparkling clear water at any commercial pool facility. In addition, equipment items such as filters and flow rates are discussed.

The Vantage Water Care Program has been rigorously tested, is chemically efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.