1. What products does Vantage offer?

Vantage is a complete line of commercial pool and spa chemicals including chlorine and bromine sanitizers, algaecides, balancing and ancillary products.

2. Does Vantage have Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets and Feeders?

Yes. We currently offer Vantage Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets and the ACF series of calcium hypochlorite tablet feeders. The Vantage ACF family of feeders is NSF Standard 50 Listed.

3. On what size pool can I install an ACF Calcium Hypochlorite Tablet Feeder?

The Vantage feeder comes in three sizes to treat any commercial application. The ACF-18, ACF-60, or ACF-250 can be installed individually or in combinations depending upon the chlorine delivery rates for a specific facility.

4. Why should I use Poly-A?

Poly A is a proprietary blend of powerful coagulants and clarifiers designed to work in conjunction with the filtration system to remove undesirable compounds. Poly-A is a key component of the Vantage Water Care Program to provide exceptional water quality.

5. Is bromination chemistry different from chlorination chemistry?

Yes, it is! First of all, there is little or no odor associated with a brominated pool. Bromine residuals are more effective than chlorine residuals at higher pH levels. Bromination adds no calcium scale or salts to the pool water, and has less of an effect on the overall water chemistry than chlorination compounds.